Choosing a photographer can be an exciting, but challenging, decision. For one, there are loads of photographers to choose from, and it can be fun to visualize a certain photographer’s style being used to shoot your project. Here’s the problem many run into: with so many choices to consider, it’s hard to separate the good from the bad, and the professional from the amateur.

There are certain red flags that you must recognize before you make decision on a photographer. In today’s post, we’re going to highlight those red flags so that you avoid making the wrong choice.

  1. No Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is seldom a requirement for many people who hire a photographer, as you’re not likely to suffer any injuries from a photo session unless you’re doing something dangerous. That being said, it’s something that you should consider because serious photographers will ensure that they and their clients are legally protected in case something goes wrong. It’s inexpensive for a photographer to obtain liability insurance, so there shouldn’t be a reason why the photographer wouldn’t be properly insured. If your photographer has no liability insurance, it will indicate laziness, and it’ll demonstrate the photographer doesn’t take their work seriously.

  1. Weak Communication

Your photographer shouldn’t take longer than 24 hours to respond to a phone call, text or email (unless it’s the weekend or a holiday). If the photographer cannot promptly respond to you before you even hire him/her for the job, it will suggest that their communication skills will be unreliable. If the communication is bad at this point, you can only expect it to get worse once the photographer has been hired for the job.

  1. Lack of Online Reviews

In this day and age, every business should have a presence on the internet, and photographers are no exception. Any photography business with enough experience should have some online reviews for prospects to look at. Admittedly, it’s incredibly easy for a photographer to fake online reviews.

If there are a high quantity of reviews, and each one is a glowing testimonial, you should raise your eyebrow. There are no perfect businesses, and even if all the clients are happy, there will be some who will have a few points to make on how the business can improve, something they didn’t like, etc. There are many nitpicky people, which is why it should be skeptical if each review is perfect with no complaints. You want to read honest reviews that discuss the good and bad about that photographer.

Sites and networks like Yelp, Google My Business (search location + photographer and look at the local listings the top of the search engine result page), and City Search are great places to find reviews. At MCP™ Actions, we have launched our own directory that uses human-submitted reviews.


Unsure of whether the photographer you’re considering is worth the time? Keep these red flags in mind when looking for a photographer. If you notice anything egregious, run for the hills. Choosing the wrong photographer is a costly mistake, but it’s one that you can easily dodge if you know what the red flags are.

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